Empowering Girls to Make Healthy, Informed Choices Throughout Their Lives.

Girls Health Ed is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to educate adolescent girls and young women about their health and well being. We exist to help girls and young women make healthy, informed choices throughout their lives by having teaching fellows from relevant fields conduct workshops in schools and community centers. We are different from other health-related organizations that serve young women because instead focusing on one particular aspect of a healthy lifestyle, we realize that true health comes from equal emphasis on many aspects.

Our mission is to empower girls worldwide to make healthy and informed choices. We do this through a workshop-based program with five modules covering the full spectrum of health education. Our modules are nutrition, body image, physical activity, personal care; hygiene, and reproductive health.

By focusing on girls and young women who are not able to obtain information about their changing bodies from their school or home environments, we can instill confidence through knowledge and aim to ensure that girls walk away with a valuable reference they are able to use throughout their adult lives. We use health education to maximize the positive impact that girls and young women are able to have on their communities and empower them to change their lives for the better.



Our Mission In Numbers

We have served approxiately 5,000 girls in the US and Kenya.


Girls worldwide who want to receive an education but are currently not in school.


Girls who will stop participating in sports they love due to poor body image.


Globally, girls are absent for 20% of the school year. Many drop out due to menstrual taboos, bullying, harmful cultural practices, and lack of resources (such as private toilets).


Below is a break down of the different modules that make up our curriculum. Click on each tab to see which topics are included in each of our modules.


USDA MyPlate

Food groups

Healthy proportions

Reading food labels

Physical Activity
Body Image
Puberty and Personal Care
Violence Prevention, Healthy Relationships & Consent
Reproductive Health (12+)

To learn more about our modules, you can read the frequently asked questions and facts on these topics.