Fund our Future

Fund our Future is a 24-hour fundraising campaign taking place on June 12, 2018 with a goal of raising $9,000 to support Girls Health Ed. Girls Health Ed will use the $9,000 to provide health education and self-esteem workshops to 600 low-income girls across the US and underserved areas around the globe. A simple donation will help us get closer to our girl. Join our effort and sign the pledge to donate on June 12.

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About Girls Health Ed

Girls Health Ed is a community-based organization which educates low-income girls aged 8-17 about their health. Our health education workshop curriculum includes education on nutrition and body image, physical fitness, personal care and hygiene, and reproductive health. With over 62 million girls worldwide who want to receive an education but are not currently in school, our vision is to create a world where girls can make healthy, informed choices throughout their lives.

To date, we have served over 2,000 girls in the US and Kenya. Our health education workshop series includes several days of interaction and education with qualified teaching fellows. We also provide sanitary products and other personal hygiene items free-of-charge in 50 percent of our workshops.

The funds earned from "Fund Our Future" will allow 600 girls to lead informed lives about their health. We hope, with your support, to make this possible.

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