Start the new year with a

Gift of Promise...

2018 has been our most successful year yet. We hit a major milestone of serving 3,000 girls. In the final quarter of the year, we visited Kenya for a series of workshops and were able to impact over 500 girls. We were proud that we played a role in helping girls secure a more promising future for themselves.  The promise of an empowered, informed life, tools to achieve a healthier body and mind, and the opportunity to stay engaged in school during puberty. We are feeling more motivated than ever to make an even bigger impact in 2019. As we approach the new year, we ask that you join us in giving the gift of promise to more girls around the world. Our goal is to raise $5,000, which will unlock an additional $5,000 in a matching donation.  With this, we will be able to change lives of at least 500 more girls.


Your gift will have a big impact. When you make a contribution, here is what your gift provides for girls in the US and Kenya:

  • $5 will buy one month of sanitary products for one girl
  • $10 will buy in-school health education self-esteem for one semester for one girl
  • $30 will buy materials and meals for a workshop of 20 girls
  • $60 will buy one year of sanitary products for one girl to be able to go to school during her period
  • $150 will buy an entire semester of materials and healthy snacks


Here is a video from our most recent mission to Kenya:

About Girls Health Ed:

Our mission is to empower girls worldwide to make healthy and informed choices. We do this through a workshop-based program with five modules covering the full spectrum of health education. Our modules are nutrition, body image, physical activity, personal care and hygiene, and reproductive health. By focusing on girls and young women who are not able to obtain information about their changing bodies from their school or home environments, we instill confidence through knowledge and ensure that girls walk away with a valuable reference they are able to use throughout their adult lives. We use health education to maximize the positive impact that girls and young women are able to have on their communities and empower them to change their lives for the better.